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Works Ltd.

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Works Ltd.

What We Do:

Attachment Works offers : assessments of attachment, parenting and risk assessments, intervention, training and consultancy services.


We offer a range of specialist assessments including parenting risk assessments; sibling assessments; and assessments to inform therapeutic support to families in cases of adoption, kinship care, and rehabilitation of children to birth parents.



Intervention is tailored to the unique circumstances of each family. The values underpinning any intervention are the need to establish a collaborative, mutually respectful working relationship that provides the context for positive progress from a strengths-based perspective.


Post-Adoption Support:

A systemic approach is taken to exploring the issues adoptive families wish to address and to formulating support. We look at the function of the child’s behaviour from an attachment perspective, the impact of trauma on the child, and implications for the child/parent relationship and the family as a whole.



We offer training on a variety of subjects to professionals and to groups of adopters and foster carers.


Supervision and Consultancy:

We have extensive experience of working collaboratively with and providing supervision and consultation to multi-agency professionals.


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