Attachment Works Offers a Range of Assessments, Interventions, Training and Consultancy Services.


Our work is based on assessments of attachment using the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment [DMM]. This gives important and detailed insights into the adult's and child's behaviour in the present. Measures of attachment are evidenced based and independently evaluated. Alongside other information and evaluation of the relationship in action, this approach enables an understanding of the strengths and problems in the relationship and indicates which interventions are likely to be the most helpful.  

Intervention is based on the information from assessment and tailored to the unique circumstances of each family. The values underpinning any intervention are the need to establish a collaborative, mutually respectful working relationship that provides a context which begins from a 'strengths based' perspective. This is the basis from which to explore and develop potential. For more details of the interventions provided please see the relevant page. 

We offer training on a variety of subjects to professionals and to groups of adopters and foster carers. See relevant page for more details.

We have extensive experience of providing consultation to social workers and social work teams. This ranges from undertaking a specific assessment to inform a wider social work assessment, to looking at a situation in more depth so as to inform future social work planning. This service has been used in a wide variety of circumstances. Please see relevant page for details. 

Adoption/Post-Adoption Support:
A systemic approach is taken to formulating support plans for adoptive families. This looks at the function of the child's behaviour within the context of the child/parent relationship and the impact this has on the parent as an individual and the dynamics of family relationships . Please see relevant page for more details. 
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