We offer a range of interventions, depending on the outcome of assessment. Examples of interventions offered are:

Therapeutic Parenting Program
Theraplay and Play Therapy
Therapeutic life story work
Integrative Psychotherapy
Sensory Attachment Intervention
Video Interactive Guidance

Case Study 1- Rehabilitation of two children back to birth parent: The mother was provided with sensori/motor psychotherapy to help her with issues related to her own experience of being parented; mother and each of the children were provided with attachment based play therapy; each child was supported to build a meaningful narrative of what had happened and why; regular meetings provided a forum for all the adults to address issues as they arose. The re-habilitation plan was successful. 

Case Study 2- Adoption support for a couple and two children: Sessions took place with the adopters to feedback the information from the attachment assessment of the children. This included reviewing filmed material so that adopters were able to see the child's self-protective strategy in action. This provides very powerful visual information, and, together with the information provided by the therapist, enabled the adopters to develop an understanding of the function of the child's behaviour in the present. This understanding is crucial in enabling the child to feel 'held in mind' and informing appropriate parenting strategies. Similar work took place with key school staff to address difficulties arising in that environment. The two children, aged 7 and 10,  were successfully adopted.