All assessments are informed by evidenced based and validated measures of attachment using the Dynamic Maturational Model. We are able to use of the full range of formal measures from infancy through to adulthood, which are independently evaluated and used to inform assessment and planning.

In addition to formal measures of attachment we also use filmed interaction measures of the relationship 'in action'. In conjunction with other work, these have proved to be invaluable tools in informing assessments and in assisting parents/carers to form new understandings in a way that supports positive change.  

This approach is used for all assessments including risk and parenting assessments; rehabilitation plans; formulation of adoption support plans and assessment of sibling groups in care proceedings. 

Single measures of attachment are used to inform wider social work assessments. For example, Adult Attachment Interviews are used to contribute to the assessment of potential foster carers/adopters; the Child Attachment and Play Assessment is used to assist the matching process for adoption and in sibling assessments.